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MyNotifi® Fall Detection Device Can Be Worn Anywhere on The Body

by MedHab MyNotifi | Posted in Latest News | No comments yet. | 2428 views on this post

San Angelo, Texas, MedHab LLC, a leader in wearable medical technologies including the innovative MyNotifi® senior alert and fall detection wearable, features a unique device housing that allows several discreet and easy to wear options to stay safe and stay notified. MyNotifi® is the only no monthly fee senior alert and fall detection system that uses a patented GPS and fall detection algorithm to instantly alert family, friends & neighbors if a fall occurs – from anywhere. MyNotifi® is unique in that it can be worn either as a hideaway clip or wristband with the ability to attach to a bra strap, a shirt pocket, belt clip or as a traditional wristband. Being protected does not mean you need to advertise to everyone you are at risk with a cumbersome lanyard panic button around your neck. MyNotifi® solves this issue.

MyNotifi® interfaces with any smartphone and can detect falls & summon help within seconds anywhere, any time. Seniors fall while walking the dog; while gardening in the back yard – but typically – near or inside their home. With MyNotifi® the user sets up the network of care – and each person in the notify network simultaneously receives a notification in the event of a fall. Neighbors can be there within 90 seconds - when a call to 911 takes 19 minutes (on average)  to arrive at the victim’s front door. There is no far-away call center. No calls to 911. YOU create the contact circle of the people you trust the most. Seniors will fall. And, 11,000 Americans become seniors every day. It’s never too early to start taking preventative action in villages and neighborhoods across America to enable seniors to maintain their independence, stay at home and stay safe in the event of a fall.

For more information about Medhab or MyNotifi®, visit

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