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Frequently Asked Questions

MyNotifi® Questions and Answers

1.) Most asked questions.

2.) Second most asked questions.

3.) Third most asked questions.

2 (Q) Is it true that MyNotifi can be worn on multiple locations?

(A) Yes. It can be worn on the hip (clipped to the belt or to the waste line of of pants or under garments.)

2 (Q) How do we determine the best place to wear MyNotifi?

(A) You can wear your MyNotifi device on either location at your discretion. If you are active, wearing MyNotifi on the hip may be more suitable as it will work better for you at this location. It is also even more discrete than the wristband and much more discrete than a pendant. Although you can wear your MyNotifi on the wrist at any time, it is important to maintain good strength and range of motion of the arms and legs to avoid falls. We encourage you to create your own exercise protocols to exercise your arms and legs in the comfort or your home or at the gym. Also, it is advised to wear the MyNotifi wristband while bathing, as bathrooms are high risk for injury.

2 (Q) How easy it to change from the wrist band to the clip?

(A) It is easy switching from the wrist to the lip or vice versa. all you must do is remove the device (enclosure) from the clip or wristband and place it in the other device. The arrow on the device (enclosure) should always point downward, toward the wrist, or toward toward the ankle (during exercise). When on the wrist you will see the outline of the arrow on the underside of the wrist band and therefor, the arrow on the device (enclosure) will be closes to your skin. When worn in the clip, the arrow on the device (enclosure is not visible as it faces the solid of side of the clip, and when worn, is closest to your body.

1 (Q) Does MyNotifi® work with both iOS (Apple) and Android smart phones?

(A) Yes! It should work on most iOS and Android devices to include smart phones, tablets and iPad, both current and legacy

2 (Q) Does MyNotifi® require wi-fi?

(A) No! Blue Tooth Low Energy and data is sufficient

2 (Q) Will there be updates to MyNotifi® and how will MedHab handle this?

(A) We endeavor to make MyNotifi® the best product on the market. In doing so, we will continue to make the smart app more feature rich, the firmware more efficient, and the artificial intelligence algorithm even better. All upgrades to MyNotiti® are FREE to us customers. New app feature will be pulled from the store and firmware will be automatically loaded with a click of a button on the customer’s app.

3 (Q) Is there an advantage of the belt mounted MyNotifi® to the wrist mounted MyNotifi®?

(A) Both devices are highly accurate detecting a fall. The belt mounted MyNotifi® is even more discrete than the wrist worn MyNotifi® and is much smaller than beepers (if you remember beepers). The wrist worn MyNotifi® allows you to set customizable exercise protocols from a menu of 38 exercises. The belt mounted MyNotifi® does not have this feature.

3 (Q) How do I choose the best place to wear MyNotifi?

(A) If you are an active and mobile senior, the belt mounted MyNoifi system may be best for you as it is more discrete. By nature of wearing the belt mounted MyNotifi on the belt, there is even fewer false alarms. If you are less mobile and do not have, he opportunity to go to the local gym to exercise, the MyNotifi wrist worn device may be better for you as you can create your own in-home, easy to perform exercises to keep strong and to maintain good range of motion.

1 (Q) Are family caregivers required to download the MyNotifi® app?

(A) Yes! They should load the app from their respective app store. People often call and ask who MyNotifi calls. I constantly must explain that MyNotifi does not make calls it instead sends out text-based notifications to the user’s emergency contacts.

1 (Q) How does MyNotifi® link to family caregivers?

(A) The user of MyNotifi® requests caregivers through the “Emergency Chat” on the main page (see instructions in the user manual). The caregiver then accepts the invitation to complete the link.

1 (Q) At what distance does the MyNotifi® device disconnect from the smart phone app?

(A) Blue Tooth Low Energy connects to about 30 meters. This can be affected in buildings and houses depending on how many walls separate the device from the smart phone. The amount of electrical in the walls can also affect connection of Blue Tooth Low Energy. It is recommended to keep your smart phone on your person or within close proximity, not only for MyNotifi®, but for other reasons as well.

1 (Q) Is MyNotifi® waterproof?

(A) Yes!

2 (Q) Can my spouse and I both wear a device and connect to each other?

(A) Yes! You can be a member of each other’s caregiver family. You can also be a caregiver for multiple people using the device.

2 (Q) Can caregivers reside in different states?

(A) Yes! Along as there is cell coverage, MyNotifi® will keep you connected.

1 (Q) Does my spouse or other caregivers require a smart phone?

(A) Yes! MyNotifi is app driven and therefore requires a smart phone.

2 (Q) Does MyNotifi® require additional equipment?

(A) No! It does not require additional equipment or land lines

2 (Q) Why is health profile information captured?

(A) Health profile information is strictly for aggregated data collection used for statistical purposes. MyNotifi® complies with requisite HIPAA compliance laws to protect private information.

1 (Q) Who and what is the primary family caregiver?

(A) The primary caregiver is anybody you select and give access to your account. Your designated caregiver can view your account of activity with you or remotely, which we hope will lead to productive conversations about your well-being and safety.

2 (Q) How long does it take to charge the battery?

(A) It takes about 2.5 hours for a complete charging cycle. While on the charger the “idle” timer is not active.

3 (Q) Can the charger be used to charge other devices?

(A) We have not officially tested the charger on other devices. There are, however, smart phones on the market that have the potential to charge wirelessly on a charger. You can check your phone specifications to see if yours can charge on a wireless charger. If yes, then your phone might charge on the charger provided with your purchase. It is best to confirm that your phone is compatible before attempting to charge it on the MyNotifi® charger.

1(Q) How much is the device?

(A) Device prices for retail customers are between 129-249 (MyNotifi) (B) Those that qualify can have device paid for by Medicare through doctor (MyNotifiRX)

1(Q) Who does it call/ does it call 911 or emergency services?

(A) The device does not make calls to anyone. Instead it sends out HIPAA secure text-based notifications via the application to the user’s list of emergency contacts

1(Q) How does the fall detection process work?

(A) Within the first 60 seconds after a fall has been detected, the user has a few different options. Depending on device model, the user can:

1.) Use the buttons on the device. Press the grey button if it is a false alarm and no notification will be sent out. Press the red button to confirm that it was a fall and a notification will be sent out to the emergency contacts.

2.) Use the phone application interface to confirm false alarm or confirm a need for assistance. If no response is detected within the 60 second timer then a notification is automatically sent out to the users’ emergency contacts.

1(Q)How many contacts can I add?

(A) There is no limit to the number of contacts you can add. The only requirement is that they need to download the free MyNotifi app. The user must then add them as an emergency contact, and they must accept the invitation to become an emergency contact. Like adding a friend on social media.

1(Q) What is the return policy?

(A) The warranty policy can be read in its entirety on the mynotifi website. Under normal usage it is warrantied for replacement for up to 2 years.

2(Q) Does it work with Wi-Fi?

(A) Yes. The device works with both Wi-Fi and cellular data.

1(Q) Does Medicare pay for it?

(A) Medicare pays through a Doctor’s prescription for qualified consumers.

2(Q) How long does the battery last?

(A)Between 24 and 48 hours depending on usage. Contacts will be notified if the battery falls below 10%.

2(Q) Is there a way to request help if a fall was not detected?

(A)Yes, either by holding the red button until the device vibrates or by opening the MyNotifi app and pressing the “Request Help” button at the bottom of the screen.

3(Q) Can the device be shipped internationally/work internationally?


2(Q) We get too many false alarms, what can we do about that?

(A)Try wearing the device in another location, either in a shirt pocket, on the bra, or on the belt.

3(Q) Does the app need to be running?


3(Q) Will the app running in the background cause my battery to drain excessively or use excessive data?

(A) No.

3(Q) How do I delete messages from the app?

(A) You cannot delete messages from the app. Message bank holds a maximum of 50 messages before deleting oldest message.

3(Q) My app looks like it is for a user, what do I do?

(A) App looks the same whether you are a caregiver or a user.

Remote Physiological Program Q&A


2(Q) How can Medicare pay for device?

A.) Device is paid for through a Medicare program called remote physiological monitoring. (Device must be ordered and monitored by Doctor) MyNotifiRX agents contact your doctor on your behalf.

B.) To qualify for Medicare to reimburse your device, your doctor will do 2 things for you.

1.Your doctor will assign exercises 3-4 times a week to be performed through the device which will help with strength and range of motion.

2.And will also have you use a pulse oximeter 3-4 times a week to qualify. (pulse oximeter is a separate device included with MyNotifiRX wearable device shipment)

C.) The reason your doctor must prescribe the exercises and pulse oximeter is so they can read reports regarding your overall health per Medicare’s requirements.

2(Q) What is a Pulse Oximeter?

(A) It is a separate device that we provide alongside your MyNotifiRX device that clips to your finger (like an old-fashioned clothes pin) that you will then turn on. After approximately 15 seconds it will provide you with heart rate and oxygen saturation readings. These readings provide your doctor with your heart health and the amount of oxygen in your blood. You then manually input the collected data into the MyNotifiRx app when you perform your exercises.