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MyNotifi Accuracy


Why MyNotifi® is a Better Choice

MyNotifi® is an FDA Class I Exempt fall detection device that alerts family and friends automatically via an easy to use smartphone application when a fall is detected. The device can be worn on the wrist, belt, bra or shirt (chest) pocket and can sense and report a full range of accidents from tumbles to serious falls. When a fall occurs, the device allows the user’s network contacts (family and friends) to know the exact location of the event through HIPAA secured notifications, sent automatically from the user’s phone application to the phone of the network contacts. Even when a fall event could not be confirmed by the user, the notification is sent out to network contacts anyway. Additionally, the user can send out an alert from the phone application or device anytime they need help, regardless of whether a fall occurred or not.

MyNotifi® How We Did It

The use of artificial intelligence I(AI) is still in its infancy and great strides are expected. Given the newness of this technology, we are extremely proud and excited with our results. Training the MyNotifi algorithm involved 1) researching the varying ways seniors fall as reported by the Center for Disease Control (CDC), 2) working with Angelo State University Physical Therapy Faculty and PhD students through an IRB process, where thousands of fall events were collected to build the AI neural network and 3) testing the artificial intelligence neural network with human subjects falling.

MyNotifi® Accuracy

The artificial intelligence neural network (“algorithm”) was created using 4824 data files, collected via simulated falls performed by human volunteers. Out of the 4824 data files that were collected and subsequently evaluated, 4429 (91.8%) were correctly labeled as falls or non-falls. Of the original 4824 data files, 3298 represented actual falls of which 96.2% (3173) were correctly labeled as falls.

Tests on the algorithm, performed by human volunteers, included 90 fall events measured from the waist and 360 fall events measured from the wrists. Overall accuracy of MyNotifi® fall detection among all falls (90 events) was 73.3% and (360 events) was 72.8%. This level was found to be lower than that achieved by the algorithm itself (96.2%). The data was further evaluated on a per user level to understand this discrepancy.

Analyses demonstrated that the variability seen between individual testers related to individual hesitancy and/or fear of becoming injured and this affects the accelerations that are generated, thereby affecting whether a movement actually generates a fall notification.

Click here to see a video of the algorithm correctly identifying a simulated fall!

The MyNotifi® Safeguard

MyNotifi® can accurately detect fall events but is not 100% accurate. If needed, there are several safeguards to ensure you get the help you need.

1.) Click “request for help” button on the app or press the red button on the MyNotifi® device. This will immediately summon your network contacts.

2.) MyNotifi® has built in timers that keep you connected to your family. Should your device become idle for any 3-hour period during waking hours, your network contacts will be notified.

3.) MyNotifi® has a built in disconnection timer that operates throughout the day and night. Should your device become disconnected for any 3-hour period, your network contacts will be notified.