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MyNotifi and NSCA Work Together to Serve Seniors

by Laura Mitchell | Posted in Latest News,MyNotifi Blog | No comments yet. | 4703 views on this post

NSCA and MyNotifi

MyNotifi is pleased and honored to announce the start of a wonderful new program, designed to help seniors in a very important way. As an enthusiastic supporter and a platinum sponsor of the National Senior Corps Association (NSCA), we’ve seen an opportunity to use our expertise in fall detection and fall prevention to help the many seniors served by the NSCA.

MyNotifi and NSCA work together to help seniors - MyNotifi wristbandThe program we’ve launched has three parts: education, prevention, and research into fall prevention. NSCA is a non-profit organization that promotes, represents, advocates for, and enhances the power of Foster Grandparent, RSVP, and Senior Companion programs, nationwide. As advocates for the elderly, NSCA has seen the importance of reducing the prevalence and impact of falls among the senior population.

MyNotifi is an emergency alert system that detects falls using a wireless wristband connected to a smartphone. MyNotifi uses precise and accurate fall detection technology to monitor the wearer’s movements, detect falls, and notify the user’s custom contact list of friends and family, when a fall has occurred and help may be needed.


MyNotifi allows older adults to be completely mobile, free to travel wherever they need to go, yet it connects directly to family and friends in the event of an accident. By working through a smartphone, this technology provides direct, immediate connection with family and emergency services. In addition, MyNotifi is equipped with 38 range-of-motion and strengthening exercises, the types of exercises that are specifically geared toward preventing falls.


MyNotifi and NSCA work together to help seniors - swimmer wearing MyNotifi wristband device

Working together, NSCA and MedHab will make the MyNotifi easily available for discounted presale to NSCA volunteers and clients. We will also be working through a medical advisory board, to be created, that will identify opportunities for research. This is possible because the MyNotifi device will be able to calculate and store important information such as, falls, benefits of exercising, who is more at risk, etc. We believe this research will yield important insights to help bring fall detection and notification into the future.

Stay tuned as we keep you updated on the exciting research and results from this joint fall prevention initiative.

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