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Mobilehelp vs MyNotifi

Medical Guardian vs MyNotifi

Medical Alert Comparisons

Pricing & Terms

MyNotifi is a one time purchase with no hidden costs or contracts.

Medical Guardian MyNotifi
Monthly Cost $29.95* $0
Quarterly Discounted Cost $29.95* $0
Annual Discounted Price 1 Free Month ($27.95)* $0
Activation Fees $0
Installation Fees $0
*pricing may vary depending on options chosen

Monitoring Services

Medical Guardian MyNotifi
24/7 Not Needed
In House or Out Sources Outsourced, US Based Not Needed

At Home System Equipment

MyNotifi does not require additiontal equipment. The device is waterproof & has a GPS locator connected to the app.

Medical Guardian MyNotifi
Base Unit With Sensative Microphone Not Needed
Water Resistant Button None
Neck Pendant Option None
Wrist Band Option
Button Battery Life 3 to 5 Years Not Needed
Wireless Range 1,300 ft 100 ft
Base Unit Backup Battery 32 Hours Not Needed

Phone Lines In Home System

Medical Guardian MyNotifi
Traditional Land Line Not Needed
Voice Over Internet (VOIP) Not Needed
Cellular Mobile Connection
In House or Out Sourced