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My Story - MyNotifi Helped Me, and I Didn’t Even Fall

by Laura Mitchell | Posted in MyNotifi Blog | No comments yet. | 3175 views on this post

Help, I haven’t fallen….but I need HELP!


I’m not normally someone who likes to ask for help, or even talk about my health. My personal business is my personal business. But, I have to tell you about this one time that I had to admit I really needed help, and what happened after.

So, about a year ago, I fell. It just happened one time, and I didn’t think much of it. But my wife sure worried about me, so when she heard about MyNotifi automatic fall detection and help device, she got me one. It’s a tiny gadget that clips to my belt, and most of the time I forget I even have it on.

Well, last week I was having some back problems. I was sitting on my recliner with a heating pad, watching the game. My wife had gone off to her quilting class, and wasn’t due back until supper time. I must’ve dozed off, and when I woke up, I realized I was in trouble. I couldn’t get myself up out of the chair. My back had seized up on me. But the worst part was that I’d had the heating pad on high, and I’d had it on too long, and I’d actually already sustained second degree burns. I didn’t know that yet, but I knew I needed help, and I needed it right away. I looked around for my phone, but it was across the room on the kitchen table. And that’s when I remembered I was wearing the MyNotifi belt clip. You see, even if you don’t fall, you can tap it, and that’s how it knows to request help. So that’s just what I did and it immediately sent an alert out to my wife and to my kids, letting them know I needed help.

I could hear my phone buzzing away in the kitchen, where it wasn’t doing me a bit of good. But that’s the thing, MyNotifi was handling everything for me, automatically. My daughter showed up first, and then my wife. They called 911, and those guys were there in no time. They helped me out of the chair, treated my burns and they got me all fixed up.

So, crazy thing. I didn’t even fall. But I’m grateful I had MyNotifi on to give me the help I needed, right away.

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Based on a true story. For HIPAA and security purposes, names and identifying details have been changed.

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