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In Celebration of The First Day of Fall, Fall Prevention is On Our Mind

by Laura Mitchell | Posted in MyNotifi Blog | No comments yet. | 2953 views on this post

MyNotifi celebrates National Fall Prevention Awareness Day

Falls are a dangerous health epidemic, particularly among our aging population. So, when we learned that the National Council on Aging has designated the first day of fall (September 22nd) as National Fall Prevention Awareness Day, we wanted  to spread the word.

You see, at MyNotifi headquarters, fall prevention and fall protection is always on our mind. MyNotifi has spent the past few years perfecting an automatic fall detection wearable technology designed to alert family and friends if a fall occurs. But, MyNotifi is more than just fall detection. The MyNotifi app can also guide the wearer through a series of movements and range-of-motion training videos to potentially decrease the risk for falls. MyNotifi tracks the user’s movements and trends the results.

The number of Americans who fall each year, particularly in our aging population, is truly alarming. One in four seniors will fall each year and many of the falls are unexpected. In fact, the first indication of someone being a fall risk is often the fall itself. Falls are one of the leading drivers to senior housing. Falls result in more than 3 million emergency room injuries annually, including 850,000 hospitalizations and more than 29,000 deaths. And, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, every 20 minutes an older American dies from a fall.

It’s never too early or too late to start taking preventative action and one of the best ways to reduce the risk of falls is through strength and mobility training exercise. While all exercise is good for you, the best fall prevention exercises focus on leg strength, range of motion, flexibility, and balance.

That’s why we designed the MyNotifi®  app with 38 pre-set exercises to enhance range of motion of the upper and lower extremities, as well as to increase overall strength, balance and flexibility. The app guides you through the exercises, and even tracks your progress. This can help stop preventable falls.

And if you do experience a fall, it’s critical to get help as soon as possible. Falling can lead to serious injuries, loss of independence and costly medical bills. But, when you’re unable to get up or get help quickly, that “long lie” makes the situation even more dangerous. Untended injuries, dehydration, anxiety and elevated blood pressure increase the risks that a fall will lead to hospitalization, nursing home admission, or even death.

MyNotifi is an automatic fall detection device that clips to a belt, or is worn on a wrist. When MyNotifi detects a fall, a special list of family and friends receive an instant alert, along with the GPS location of their loved one who fell. Whether it happens at home, out shopping, or halfway around the world, you’ll be able to get them the help they need, right away.

Features of MyNotifi:

  • Immediately alerts family & caregivers of the fall
  • Works at home or on-the-go
  • No call center, no contract, no monthly fee
  • Discreet wristband or belt clip – no embarrassing pendant
  • No landline necessary

No SmartPhone? No Problem! Ask about the brand new MyNotifi In-Home Hub, designed for protection within the wearer’s home.

MyNotifi is designed to help in other emergencies as well. Simply tapping the device will send an automatic alert to family and friends.

This year, celebrate National Fall Prevention Day by providing peace of mind and prevention in one package. Learn more about how MyNotifi® can help your family.

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