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MyNotifi® Fall Detection Device Means Everything to Family

by MedHab MyNotifi | Posted in Latest News | No comments yet. | 2868 views on this post

MyNotifi® Fall Detection Device Means Everything to Family

The amazing lesson learned by Senior Sandy Craven by leaving the house without it

San Angelo, Texas, MyNotifi® is fast becoming the go to device for countless seniors that are at risk for falling – but insist on staying as independent as possible. MyNotifi® is the only no monthly fee senior alert and fall detection system that uses a patented GPS and fall detection algorithm to instantly alert family, friends & neighbors if a fall occurs – from anywhere. Worn as hideaway clip or wristband, MyNotifi® interfaces with any smartphone and can detect falls & summon help within seconds anywhere.

We all remember the old TV commercial, “Don’t leave home without it!” Well, the story of Sandy Craven is very typical. Sandy is in her 70’s and has balance issues – but insists on maintaining her freedom. Her children decided to get her a MyNotifi, and all three were sleeping much better at night knowing if anything happened to Mom, they were immediately notified. Except - when Sandy went out without wearing her device. It was literally the very first time she took it off (she didn’t heed the reminders to charge the battery) and while getting out of her car – she fell. She fell hard. Sandy hit the pavement with both her hand, side and head. She lay on the side of the road for countless minutes until a passerby assisted. She ended up with a cracked skull, broken right hand and a deep bruise and scrape under her eye.

Sandy and her children all realized just how important her MyNotifi® is to them. The sense of security knowing that they will be notified within seconds in the event of a fall has convinced Sandy to NEVER take it off again. Seniors will fall. And, 11,000 Americans become seniors every day. It’s never too early to start taking preventative action to maintain your independence and stay safe in the event of a fall. Who better to be notified when you fall than your family, your close friends and your next-door neighbors. Sandy says the MyNotifi® has changed her outlook on life; “I know I MUST wear my MyNotifi® all the time now. I know I’ll be safe and my family will be notified and can help me out.”

Editors Note: To arrange an interview with Sandy Craven, contact John K. Burke at Medhab. E Mail or Call 561.397.2483

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