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MyNotifi® Fall Detection Device Changes Life of Single Mom

by MedHab MyNotifi | Posted in Latest News | No comments yet. | 2555 views on this post

MyNotifi® Fall Detection Device Changes Life of Single Mom

The Unique Solution This Senior Product Provides for 34 year old Jodi Rieman

San Angelo, Texas, MyNotifi® is fast becoming the go to device for countless seniors that are at risk for falling – but insist on staying as independent as possible. MyNotifi® is the only no monthly fee senior alert and fall detection system that uses a patented GPS and fall detection algorithm to instantly alert family, friends & neighbors if a fall occurs – from anywhere. Worn as hideaway clip or wristband, MyNotifi® interfaces with any smartphone and can detect falls & summon help within seconds anywhere.

Little did we know when we developed this breakthrough technology that it would become the lifeline of a young, vibrant single Mom as well. At 34, Jodi Rieman is active, enthusiastic and involved in her nine year old daughter’s life – but she has POTS syndrome, a condition characterized by too little blood returning to the heart when moving from a lying down to a standing up position. Jodi explains “My condition causes me to faint or black out – as many as 6 times a day, and in some cases for as long as 20 minutes at a time. It’s rough”! POTS is a debilitating and serious chronic condition that can severely impair quality of life. It is estimated that 500,000 Americans suffer daily with POTS syndrome.

Without MyNotifi®, Jodi would be home-bound. What a bleak prospect that would be. Over the past few years, she tried several other fall detection devices before MyNotifi®, but all of them required her to sound the alarm & push her panic button – something she could not do if she blacked out, and all of services she tried mandated contacting 911, which promptly dispatched an ambulance to her home – something she did not want, need or could afford to pay - time and time again.

MyNotifi® changed everything. Jodi lives out in the country. She relies on her Mom and Aunt – and her service dog. And while it comes and goes, POTS might cause her to black out at least once a day, so she needed something that would notify those she really wanted to notify – her family; her next-door neighbor and her friends. and do so in a format where they could work together and immediately respond to her.

MyNotifi® created a unique ring-tone alert for her, so everyone in her notify circle would hear that unique

tone at the same time on their smart phones, and act. Since installing the system and creating her notify group, she has the care she needs when she falls or blacks out, and more importantly, she has the sense of security to embrace daily life. She no longer is afraid to get out and get going. The ability with her smart phone to actually go out of her home (at 34 and single) and feel safe because the phone allows her to be connected to her device and she knows Mom will be notified – knowing her exact GPS location - is likely her ONLY freedom. There is no price that she can put on this freedom.

It’s that important to her. Otherwise, she’s STUCK at home. Jodi is a very active young woman – with her entire life ahead of her – and we’re delighted that MyNotifi® has become a unique solution to her condition.

Seniors will fall. And, 11,000 Americans become seniors every day. It’s never too early to start taking preventative action to maintain your independence and stay safe in the event of a fall. Who better to be notified when you fall than your family, your close friends and your next-door neighbors. Jodi says the MyNotifi® has changed her outlook on life; “I have the confidence to leave the house now. I know Mom will be notified and can help me out.”

Editors Note: To arrange an interview with Jodi Rieman, contact John K. Burke at Medhab. E Mail or Call 561.397.2483

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