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Johnny Ross discusses the benefits of the MyNotifi fall detection wristband and belt clip with Today's Caregiver​Johnny Ross, the creator of MyNotifi, a brand new, mobile fall detection wearable, was selected for an exclusive interview with Gary Barg of Today’s Caregiver, an online magazine for family and professional caregivers. The topics were aging, independence, fall detection and technology. Ross had a chance to explain how the MyNotifi fall detection wearable works.

He explained that MyNotifi is a technology game changer in an industry of push pendant necklaces, standard call centers, fees and stigmas.

MyNotifi is a fashionable wristband or belt-clip wearable technology, which can automatically detect a fall, and doesn’t require a button to be pressed. It simply works. When a fall is detected, MyNotifi alerts selected family, friends or neighbors. It has no monthly fees, no contracts, no call centers and does not require a landline. And, it works both inside and outside the home. Since it connects with the wearer’s smartphone, it can go anywhere the wearer goes. For ultimate flexibility, MyNotifi is shipped with both a wristband and a belt clip, which makes it easy to use for any situation.

Ross talked about the origins of the belt clip device. When the wristband device was first designed and tested, he wanted to ensure ultimate functionality. “There were so many ancillary movements that we had to consider in the calculations,” Ross said. The belt clip model was designed as a Plan B. In the end, a Plan B wasn’t needed, but users were happy with an additional option for how to wear MyNotifi.

“MyNotifi wristband works just great. The accuracy’s wonderful. We were able to achieve what we thought we could. That contingency plan now turned into another product in the life of the MyNotifi brand,” said Ross.

In talking with seniors, the company has learned that there sometimes is a distinct preference amongst genders for the belt clip versus those who choose the wristband. “Seniors in general who are more active prefer the clip when they’re out and about. It’s very discreet. You barely even see it, and they love it,” Ross said.

Ross explained how MyNotifi works when a fall is detected:

“When a fall occurs, immediately the algorithm starts to calculate. Once it understands if it’s a fall or not, it sends the signal through a hyper-secured server--if an event occurs, they get this message that Mom or Dad may have fallen. For example, I could be the person that picks that up, and by looking at the Google map locator, I can then click on that thread and say, Hey, everybody. I’m five minutes away from Mom. I’m going to go check on her, and I’ll let you know.

“I can even text right back, Mom, are you okay?

With MyNotifi, seniors can get help even if they haven’t fallen. If they’re in a situation where the phone is out of reach, but need assistance. Ross explains, “All they have to do is tap on the device vigorously, and it will trigger an alarm that they need help.” MyNotifi is available for $299. There are no call centers, no monthly fees or hidden costs. It’s available online at

Watch the full interview:

*wearer must have a smartphone

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