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MyNotifi® Fall Detection Device Featured on Ivanhoe Broadcast News

MyNotifi® Fall Detection Device Featured on Ivanhoe Broadcast News

Ivanhoe Broadcast News has published an article featuring the MyNotifi® Fall Detection Device. Ivanhoe Broadcast News is a news-gathering organization specializing in medical and health information particularly important to women and their families. To read the article, click here: ..

MedHab MyNotifi | 1662 views | 0 comments

MyNotifi Makes Fall Detection Better

MyNotifi Makes Fall Detection Better

MyNotifi® is a wearable device that detects if you fall, and summons help for you. It sends notifications to a list of neighbors, friends and family that you define, to let them know you may need their assistance. Falling and not being able to get up is a very real concern for seniors, and for good reason. Imagine the frustration and fear of lying on the floor in pain for hours or days, never knowing when help will arrive. Imagine walking into your loved one’s home and finding them in that terrible situation. MyNotifi is highly accurate in its ability to detect falls, because we know you absolutely depend on it to work, all the time. That’s why we’ve added several additional safety..

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