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This Holiday Season Avoid These 5 Fall Risks

by Laura Mitchell | Posted in Latest News,MyNotifi Blog | No comments yet. | 3099 views on this post

Avoid holiday fall risksThe holiday season is finally upon us. Cue the baking, shopping, decorating, family and the busy traveling. Along with the holiday hustle and bustle comes extra tasks and changes in routines. This can also increase the risk for falls.

Falls are more common than you may realize. Every year, approximately one-third of our 65+ population will experience a fall. As age increases, so does the risk. More than half of people aged 80 and above fall each year. And falls can have very serious health consequences.

We know you’d much prefer to spend the holidays with loved ones in front of a cozy fire rather than in a sterile and costly emergency room. Here are 5 tips to help make sure your holidays are safe, happy and healthy.

  1. Decorating? Be sure to use the right ladder for the job. Don’t stand on chairs or counters. Instead, use a sturdy step stool or a ladder that’s clean, in good repair, set up properly, and is set to the proper reach height.

  2. Opening presents? Clean up the wrappings and clear the walkways promptly, to prevent tripping or sliding on slippery paper.

  3. House guests? Whether you’re the guest or the host, make sure there are nightlights in the guest room, hallways, stairwell, and bathrooms. You may need to pack a set yourself, but it’s worth it. Good lighting prevents a lot of falls.

  4. Traveling? Pack light. Use a bag with wheels that’s easy to maneuver, and doesn’t throw you off-balance. Send presents to their destination rather than carrying them with you. And ask for help with lifting baggage in and out of airplane overhead bins.

  5. Expecting snow? Safety is more important than fashion. When you’re outside, be sure to wear non-skid footwear, especially in cold climates. (It’s not a bad idea to wear non-skid footwear when you’re inside too.)


We wish you the safest and happiest of holidays, from your friends at MyNotifi.

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